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July 17, 2016

07-2016 (about democracy and development)

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The world around Switzerland is afraid:

they say ‘Switzerland’ voted ‘right extremists’, because 29% voted for the party wanting strangers out of the country. This means, 29% of Swiss voters cannot make it, when strangers are changing our society (also for good reasons). These voters mean just NOT SWISS. Or progress comes – in my eyes – for a big part with openess to others, to people having different views … while exchange and openess may lead to new forms of living together … ok, sometimes this may mean no progress but regress.

Switzerland is a good learning place: we have this fall 29 % of our voters electing a party working for closeness, non sharing with others, no responsibility for strangers, for the world, for the refugees, which they claim be only drug dealers (yes, there are some), to be only economic refugees (yes, there are many), and … women subjugation under retrograde tribal uses shall be NO reason to concede an refugee status (how many women on this planet would like to change their status? … Millions? Billions?

We progressif voters in Switzerland, claiming ourselfs developed and conscious about the world, do not love that our fellows vote for closeness etc, but we can survive it.
We are unhappy, angry, but surviving.

Update October 2018: All is fine, but we also have to accept that TOO MANY strangers (yes, mainly Muslims) are no more enriching elements but they become conquerors. And THIS is a NO GO aspect for us. Mainly that ONLY MUSLIMS do not want integrate, all other people are willing to make with us the best they are able. ONLY MUSLIMS reject others, reject us.

More: many Muslims are refugees from their own fundamentalists and never would like see them developing too many of their so called rights.

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